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Thomas Wynn 22 Jul 5 05 Le libertinage du lecteur. La question de l'identification chez Sade This lecture is in French. Fifth lecture in the Sade, l'inconnu? Fourth lecture in the Sade, l'inconnu? Third lecture in the Sade, l'inconnu? Second lecture of the Sade, l'inconnu? First lecture from the Sade, l'inconnu? Michel Delon 22 Jul This lecture is in French. Jean-Christophe Abramovici. Creative Commons. This lecture is in English. John Phillips.

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This lecture in French. Thomas Wynn. La question de l'identification chez Sade. Mladen Kozul.

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Alexandre Wenger. Open to students who have completed the equivalent of a year's elementary level and to others on assignment by placement test. Completes the equivalent of a year's intermediate level in one semester. Unless otherwise noted, the following courses are open to students who have successfully completed French Grammar and Composition FREN-UA 30 , are assigned by placement test, or have the permission of the director of undergraduate studies.

Conducted in French. Combines classroom study in New York with a study and service week in coordination with the Alternative Spring Break program spent in several cities in Louisiana.

Introduces students to the linguistic, historical, and cultural contexts of French-speaking Louisiana with an emphasis on the history and sociological reality of Louisiana Cajun French. Traditional community service as well as conducting oral history interviews. Combines classroom study in New York and a study and service week in coordination with the Alternative Spring Break program in locations in New England and Canada. Introduces students to the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Francophone presence in North America, promoting the discussion of Francophone cultures and issues of migration, integration, and cultural diversity.

Systematizes and reinforces the language skills presented in earlier-level courses through an intensive review of grammar, written exercises, an introduction to composition, lexical enrichment, and literary analysis. Helps the student to develop vocabulary, improve pronunciation, and learn new idiomatic expressions.

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Introduction to corrective phonetics and emphasis on understanding contemporary French through a study of such authentic documents as radio and television interviews, advertisements, and spontaneous oral productions. Provides advanced French language students with the opportunity to improve their pronunciation through a detailed analysis of the sound systems of both French and English.

Designed to improve the student's written French and to provide advanced training in French and comparative grammar. Students are trained to express themselves in a variety of written genres for example, diaries, transcriptions, narrations, letters. Focuses on the distinction between spoken and written styles and the problem of contrastive grammar. Emphasis on accuracy and fluency of usage. Practice of translation through French and English texts taken from a variety of sources to present a range of contrasting grammatical and stylistic problems. Also stresses acquisition of vocabulary.

Offered every year. Provides intensive practice in translating. Use of dramatic situations and readings to help students overcome inhibitions in their spoken French. The graduated series of exercises and activities improves pronunciation, intonation, expression, and body language, via phonetic practice, poetry recitation, skits, improvisation, and memorization of dramatic texts. Reading, discussion, and performance of scenes from plays by renowned dramatists. Extensive use of audio and video material.

Emphasis on oral and written communication, as well as the acquisition of a business and commercial vocabulary dealing with the varied activities of a commercial firm for example, advertising, transportation, banking.

PDF Nouvelles approches (FICTION) (French Edition)

Stresses group work in simulated business situations and exposure to authentic spoken materials. Students with a solid grasp of French have the opportunity to refine their knowledge of the language through a variety of workshop-based activities. Divided between reading and discussing short texts in a variety of genres as models, points of inspiration, etc. Students write in genres ranging from autobiographical to experimental. Offered periodically.

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Approaches the French language as it is used both in and outside of France through an exploration of some of the principal domains of linguistic study: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, the external history of French, and sociolinguistic and regional variation. Emphasizes the internal workings of the French language as well as the place and roles of French throughout the Francophone world. Introduction to central works in medieval and early modern French literature. By analyzing plays, chronicles, poems, and novels, students explore the role and status of literature within the era's larger intellectual, political, and social framework.

Critical study of key themes, genres, and styles; focuses on analytical writing and literary analysis. Introduction to central works in modern French literature. Follows but does not require completion of Readings in French Literature I. Examines literature from a network of French-speaking countries that form a Francophone space.

Addresses the colonial past, as well as the anticolonial and postcolonial situations in which French colonialism is replaced by more complex relationships and ideologies. Special attention is paid to language and the role of the writer in elaborating a postcolonial national identity. Retrospective and introspective view of French civilization from the early to the modern period through the interrelation of history, literature, fine arts, music, and philosophy. Study of major historical forces, ideas, and tensions; the formation of collective identities territorial, religious, political ; France's diversity and formative conflicts; France and the outer world; and the relationship between state, nation, and citizenry.

An introduction to French history, politics, and social relations from the Revolution to the present. Attention is paid to the successive crises that challenged France's stature, its national identity, and its republican model. Topics include the French political and social systems; France's "exceptionalism" and relationships with Europe, the United States, and globalization; colonialism, immigration, and postcolonialism; and gender and class relations.

The following courses, which build on the linguistic and cultural skills built in foundations courses, are focused on specific aspects of the literature, thought, and culture of the French-speaking world. Unless otherwise noted, courses taught in French are open to students who have successfully completed French Advanced Grammar and Composition FREN UA 30 , are assigned by placement test, or have the permission of the director of undergraduate studies. Courses in this category taught in English carry no prerequisites and are open to all students.

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When taking courses conducted in English, French majors may reach an agreement with the instructor to complete the written assignments and as many reading assignments as possible in French, if they so choose. Fabulous Versailles, the synthesis of baroque and classical aesthetics and the cult of kingship, serves as an introduction to the study of major aspects of 17th- and 18th-century culture and French influence on European civilization. Approaches the intellectual, artistic, and social complexities of the period through the works of contemporary philosophers, dramatists, artists, memoirists, and field trips, and multimedia presentations of music and art.

Focuses on the dazzling cultural life of turn-of-thecentury Paris. Explores the ascent of symbolism, postimpressionism, art nouveau, cubism, futurism, and other creative concepts. Offered every other year. Traditionally, France has relied on a universalist ideal of color-blindness that does not recognize the existence of race and rejects its use in public discourse and political action.