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Forget about the facts.

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In Sachsen they are all racists. We are mocking humanity by saying that darkness is light and death is proof. Why, because darkness and death bring anxiety, fear, and misery —the stuff that the media thrives on.

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In a world of preposterous pseudoscience and dogmatism like this where science, logic, and reason are dismissed by unelected journalists who have little knowledge about the things they write about and tax on xenophobic agitprop that reaches a million souls, it is little wonder that the permanent consumers of this propaganda suffer from psychological distress and the mortal fear of possibly becoming the next target. Their worries are real.

The impact of Russian interference on Germany’s 2017 elections

Germany is a police state, and the media, politicians, and the secret service work hand in hand to ensure they stay in power permanently. Russland tut sich beim skrupellosen Einsatz seiner soft power besonders hervor, doch auch andere autokratische Regime nutzen ihre Medien und andere Instrumente zur Einflussnahme im internationalen Rahmen.

Von Russland lancierte Nachrichten konzentrieren sich systematisch auf Themen wie den moralischen Verfall in Europa, die russlandfeindliche Haltung der NATO, den bevorstehenden Zusammenbruch des Westens sowie die Schwachpunkte der freiheitlichen Demokratie. Je raffinierter die Kampagnen russischer Manipulation und Falschinformation werden, desto mehr nehmen sie das Prozedere von Wahlen in demokratischen Systemen ins Visier. Dies gilt umso mehr im digitalen Zeitalter — und Russland hat die Voraussetzung geschaffen, eben diese Verwundbarkeit auszunutzen.

Lügenpresse – The real terror in Germany: The Lying Press vs. the People

Marine Le Pen vertritt eine offen moskaufreundliche Haltung. Und doch forciert Russland, wie auch China und der Iran, seine Anstrengungen weiterhin. Algorithmic trading where orders are entered, modified and cancelled by computer carries various risks.


For example, a high number of order entries, modifications or cancellations within a very short space of time can overload trading systems. Algorithms may also react to market events and trigger additional algorithms as a result, which may in turn trigger even more algorithms cascade effect , leading to an increase in volatility.

These notification requirements concern investment services enterprises that engage in algorithmic trading within the meaning of section 80 2 sentence 1 of the German Securities Trading Act Wertpapierhandelsgesetz — WpHG in the version applicable from 3 January or that offer direct electronic access DEA to a trading venue as referred to under section 2 30 of the WpHG in the version applicable from 3 January The notifications must be submitted to the competent authority for supervising the investment services enterprise concerned.

Schwarz wie Milch: Kurzfilm über Manipulation in den Medien (orig.)

In addition, they must also be submitted to the competent authorities responsible for supervising the trading venues concerned. Investment services enterprises are thus required to submit notifications to BaFin in the following cases:. Under section 3 3 sentence 1 of the WpHG , enterprises that do not qualify as investment services enterprises under section 3 1 no.

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This means that the notification requirements may also apply to insurance undertakings and other undertakings if they are a member or participant of an organised market or MTF. Finally, the notification requirements under section 28 1 sentence 3 of the German Investment Code Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch — KAGB may also be applicable to asset management companies.

‘Trick’, ‘Manipulation’ and ‘Farce’: Albert Moll’s Critique of Occultism

BaFin has created a template form which can be used by the investment services enterprises concerned to comply with the requirement to submit notifications to BaFin. The form must be sent by e-mail to the following e-mail addresses:. BaFin is not responsible for the supervision of stock exchanges domiciled in Germany.

Stock exchanges are supervised by the stock exchange supervisory authorities of the federal states.