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An ego-addict. This is who we are as sinners. What we need is not to be schooled in the art of moral improvement. What we need is not for David to hand us a page, self-help guide on how we can have the best life now if we just clean up our act and get our priorities in line. Our David, the new and second David, marches onto the battlefield to slay us. We need to die before we can live.

US has its David in prop Ainu'u vs. rugby Goliath England -

There is no other way. He has a liquid weapon. He holds us under the water of baptism. We die, but we die with him. We are drowned, but we are crucified with him.

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David wraps his arms around us Goliaths and plunges into the watery grave with us. Together we die. And together we rise. We die to ourselves and are raised into Christ.

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We who bore the image of Goliath now bear the image of David. We die and rise in him. This is how God works on us. How he always works on us. He crucifies us in water and enlivens us in that same water. We are drowned as Goliaths; we are raised as Davids. We die to ourselves and live in Jesus. This, I would suggest, is a better way to teach the story of David and Goliath to our children. Rather than telling them what great things they can do, tell them what great things God has done for them in Jesus Christ.

American military casualties , along with British and other including Norwegian are rising; June saw the highest monthly total in almost nine years of war. Hamid Karzai , the American-installed president of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan, shows signs of chafing at the requirement that he obey American generals. As in the last days of Saigon, corruption is being followed by capital flight. No doubt some of the fleeing capital ends up in the bank-accounts of the Taliban.

UN officials and other outside observers believe there must be talks. Nato governments, such as the Dutch and the Canadian, need to withdraw troops from a unpopular war they cannot afford.

Goliath (On-Ride) Six Flags Magic Mountain - Valencia, California

The current American government itself is losing interest in the war, as has been the habit of many of its predecessors. Military glory has its attractions. But the civilian spirit has a stubborn tendency to reassert itself in American political life. The civilian President Obama has to insist that he will not give up until Afghanistan has become a member of the American commonwealth of nations.

Yet if I were a betting man, I would place a modest stake on this proposition: once the dangerous mid-term elections of November are over, it will be revealed that mutually acceptable discussions not negotiations: Washington is a city of lawyers and of the word have been going on with the Taliban And that the feted general David H Petraeus, like William C Westmoreland in Vietnam, is doomed to run out of troops, time - and political support.

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  • US has its David in prop Ainu’u vs. rugby Goliath England;
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