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After spending 3 months in the back blocks of Freo in Western Australia it was, unfortunately, more work than play. We did however, stray from facing our screens and serving Posted by Warren 18 Aug 22 Sep Southern Highlands Weekend Escape. Whether it be a country wedding or simply a weekend getaway that brings you to the Southern Highlands, you will no doubt be in search of some events and activities Down to the storage rooms they went quietly with the ambassador tailing them, back in the throne room Babar discovered maps all over the floor with the scent of spinkweed. They all made it to the spot where the photo was taken to find a compass marking on the floor, the king asked a royal guard if he saw the ambassador and he did.

Badou and his friends discovered that the compass pointed to a door but had to move quickly because the croc was closing in and didn't see the door. Inside what they found was just a storage room or so they thought, while Chiku played a trick on Zawadi and she let out a scream that the ambassador heard. Then Munroe remembered there might be a secret passage somewhere then Badou remembered the other clue which is follow your nose and found a secret switch. Just like that the bookshelf opened up and to their surprise a passage way was opened, just after that the Ambassador was coming in.

So the kids decided to a screen to hide themselves and the passage, when he came at first suspected nothing was here until Badou let out a sneeze.

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The kids were almost caught if it wasn't for the king, he told Crocodylus he wasn't suppose be here confused on what to say the Ambassador said he got lost and Babar found a perfect way to fix that. With that taken care of Badou and his friends were amazed at what they saw, the courtyard was theirs to keep as well as it's secret.

The next day Badou was heading to his secret place right before he saw the Ambassador getting a tour of the palace and getting bored to death, thanking his grandfather for his help. He told his grandpa that he found it and was his keep, so Badou went off to play.

Celeste asked if Babar would miss his courtyard calling him the mysterious builder and said he wouldn't since he doesn't go down there anymore and that it belongs to the kids now. To celebrate their new play area the kids played a round of kickerball. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.